Plant based Menu

Breakfast Meals: (5 or 7 day pricing below)

Overnight Oats w/toppings *seasonal fruits

Acai bowl w/toppings *seasonal fruits

Chocolate Banana Power Bowl (PB, Vegan Chocolate & Banana Smoothie)

Dairy free fruit yogurt & Granola

Banana Nut or Blueberry Oat Muffins

Lunch/Dinner Meals: (5 or 7 day pricing below)

Walnut garden salad w/Ginger or Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing & Tomato Basil Pasta (Penne/Fusilli)

Veggie burger patties & Vegetables (Corn/Carrots)

Spicy black beans & Rice bowl (Brown)

Tomato Basil Zucchini noodles & Soup (Vegetable/Lentil/Pea)

Thai Green chickpea curry with Basmati rice

Vegetable Garlic hummus wrap & Butternut Squash

Snacks: (5 or 7 day pricing below)

Vegan Chocolate chip cookies

Brazil nuts or Almonds

Sea Salt Popcorn

Roasted chickpeas


(1) 15.2oz Cold pressed Juice (berry green or berry red) $6

Smoothies (Strawberry banana, Berry banana, Mango pineapple)

(1) 12oz $5.00

(1) 160z $6.50


Breakfast only

5 day (Choose 2): $35.00

7 day (Choose 3): $50.00

Lunch/Dinner only (Snacks included)

5 day (Choose 2 meals): $65.00

7 day (Choose 3 meals): $90.00

Extra snacks can be purchased: (A la carte/$2.50 each)


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